A Dozen Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs that You Can Adopt Today!

Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs


Business men and women who have climbed the ladder and made it to the top have a lot to share with the rest of the hard-working world. Their riches have not come by accident, but by consistently following some or all of these habits of highly successful entrepreneurs.

  1. Taking care of one’s self is the key to success in all aspects of life. This is of course referring to health and wellness. When you are at your best, your ventures will thrive and those around you will take note. Working long hours and neglecting your body and spirit is ironically, not the best way to pursue success.
  2. Treat people well. We all usually start at the bottom. As we climb, thinking that the higher we get, the less we should care about the underlings, would be an expensive mistake. It really isn’t about who you are treating well or poorly. Being the kind of person whomistreats others will show in other things you do and other relationships in your business. Being a good and kind person isn’t something we turn on and off. It is whatever it is. Best to keep practice of being kind to everyone.
  3. Keep your word. Once again, do not assume as you stand higher on the ladder, that you are suddenly able to start breaking promises and operating above others. Your word and character are extremely important in your company’s image and future success.
  4. Work as hard on your last day as you did on your first. No matter how successful you may become, never make the mistake of thinking your work is done.
  5. Remember your roots. This screams cliche, but it’s just so true. As soon as we start thinking or behaving as if we have arrived somewhere and left our beginnings behind, we slowly stop being the person who started out on that journey. It was that persons dream and ideas that sparked this success. Even if your roots are a source of pain or conflict, they still made you who you are. You don’t have to emulate your roots or praise your ancestors, but do remember them.
  6. Listen to others. Whether your spouse or your mother is handing out advice or an important client is sharing a meaningful experience. You will never know everything. There is always something to learn from listening to others. Your time is never too valuable to hear what others’ have absorbed along the way.
  7. Never stop investing in your company. Nothing in this life is guaranteed. No matter how great today is looking, tomorrow could be the day the roof, the stock market or your knee collapses. If you are always reinvesting in your business, you are prepared for surprises, slow periods, time off and unexpected repairs.
  8. Don’t be afraid of change. Sometimes we get into a nice rhythm, with good employees and clients and everything is going well. So when an opportunity comes to grow, or add a new product or take on a big project, it’s tempting and easy to not want to rock the boat. The old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it can actually cause us to pass up great opportunities. Just because it isn’t broken, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better.
  9. Try not to make enemies. Just because another company is a competitor, doesn’t mean you have to be true enemies. Departing employees don’t have to leave with hate in their hearts. When a hiring corporation takes someone else’s bid, there’s no reason to take it personally. The world is always spinning and just because someone occupies one role today, doesn’t mean they couldn’t be something entirely new tomorrow. Best to keep doors open, bridges sturdy and relationships intact.
  10. Know your employees. There are two reasons it’s important to be on a first name basis with everyone from the janitor to the vice president. On the one hand, they are your employees. Know what they do and what they should be doing. Chat with each of them when you can and make sure they’re happy. They might have suggestions or things to point out to you of which you aren’t aware. They need to know who you are as well. Secondly, much like keeping track of money, we must keep track of time. Knowing your employees means knowing when someone is being hired unnecessarily or too many people are assigned to the same tasks.
  11. Sign every check. Depending on the size of your company, this may or may not seem like a huge endeavor, but the risks of letting an accountant or a machine or some other employee sign your checks, are too great to leave to chance. Anyone trusted to handle the company finances is probably pretty smart and more than capable of creating some false expenses. But more importantly, even if your people are ethically sound, when you don’t sign your own checks, it’s easy for things to get away from you. Seeing the balances and expenses with your own eyes, keeps you always aware of everything that goes in and out.
  12. It’s okay to screw up. People make mistakes. Be open and honest about your own and forgiving of your employees’, associates and even family and friends. When time is money, we can get really wrapped up in human error, because we are so aware of the real cost. But a much bigger loss would be the damage done when we are too hard on ourselves and others. Examine mistakes and look for opportunities to learn from them.

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