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What is Direct Sales? The Advantages and How to Be Successful

What is direct sales

Considering direct sales as an extra stream of income? Looking for ways to start a business and desire to know more about direct selling and how to be successful? With over 20 million people involved in direct selling and $36.12 billion in U.S. retail sales, this platform is a great opportunity to leverage as an aspiring entrepreneur or simply a way to making money online.

The goal here is to provide an overview of direct sales, the advantages you’ll experience as well as your future customers, and how you can capitalize to make this a real source of income.

What is Direct Sales?

Direct sales is simply marketing and selling products directly to consumers versus a retailer. Typically, direct selling is done through one-on-one demonstrations, home parties, or live events. The difference between direct selling and retail is the personal contact made with consumers. It’s a more intimate experience where individual sales representatives personally reach out and deal directly with clients.

Just about every consumer product or service imaginable is sold somewhere in the world through direct selling (Source: Inc). Top direct selling companies like Mary Kay, Amway, and Team Beachbody have positioned thousands of entrepreneurs to successfully launch and grow their own business from home.

The Benefits and Advantages of Direct Sales

There are a lot of compelling reasons why people turn to direct selling as a business opportunity. Additionally, the perks that consumers gain from shopping with a direct seller are undeniable. When done correctly, direct selling can prove to be a valuable experience for all parties involved.

Here are the benefits to choosing direct sales as an income source:

  • Inexpensive option to starting a profitable business
  • Marketing materials and tools are readily available to help you succeed
  • You don’t have to figure everything out; most companies provide live training and educational materials that gives you an exact blueprint to market your business
  • Sell high-quality products at reasonable prices
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Tap into personal growth that can serve you beyond direct sales

Below are the advantages customers gain from direct sales:

  • Try and test the products before buying them
  • Your consultation is tailored and customized to your exact needs, touching on your problems and how the products can be your solution
  • Consultations occur in a relaxed, friendly environment with flexible timing
  • You have direct personal contact with the seller
  • Your purchases are guaranteed
  • You have access to personal after sales service

5 Tips to Be Successful in Direct Sales

Direct sales can be an amazing opportunity to launch your career as an entrepreneur, earn additional income as a college student, or help supplement income as a stay-at-home mom. Here are a few strong tips to being successful in your new (or current) direct sales company:

#1 Be crystal clear on your why and goals

Knowing your why or the reason driving you to pursue direct sales will help be your motivation during challenging times…because in business, they do arise. Whether it’s to assist in student loan payments, save for the family vacation or the college fund, having a clear understanding of your goal keeps you focused on the prize.

Post pictures of your goals around your desk and in your planner to serve as visual reminders to keep you going!

#2 Who is your target audience?

One reason why people tend to get “burnt out” in direct selling is that they attempt to sell to everyone without having a target audience, or a specific group of people to aim your marketing efforts towards. You see, to market successfully, your customer’s can’t be everyone. You must define who your ideal customer is and concentrate on getting in front of that audience.

The best way to establishing your target audience is by developing buyer personas. With your buyer personas, you’re painting a picture of what your customer looks like; their pains, problems, challenges, role in the buying decision, what keeps them up at night, their common questions, etc. These details will guide you especially in your online marketing. Your content will become more targeted…everything you do revolves around speaking to this audience, making your marketing much more effective.

#3 Plan your marketing strategy

Speaking of marketing, now its time to create a clear plan on how you will attract prospects to your business and start executing your strategy. The beauty about direct selling in 2016 is that you have many tools at your disposable to market your business. From social media, to live events, blogging, video marketing, live-streaming video, to trade shows and home parties, there are a plethora of options to generating buzz around your company, getting leads and referrals.

With Internet marketing, be sure that you adhere to the rules and regulations regarding promoting your business online. Some direct selling organizations have stipulations to using their logos, brand name and marketing materials so check to ensure you stay in compliance.

Connect with your sponsor or other representatives in your company to discover what’s working best in their strategy. The key is to test to see which resonates better with your audience and style and ramp up from there.

#4 Put yourself on a schedule

There’s a misconception that when you have your own business, you work whenever you want to.

That’s not incorrect…but its certainly incomplete. As an entrepreneur, it’s vital to have daily schedule just like you would in Corporate America. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, consistency and character to achieve your goals in direct sales.

You certainly have what it takes! You just have to work harder for yourself than you would working for somebody else. And that starts with having a clear schedule as to when you work your business…and sticking to it!!!

#5 Continue to work on YOU!

Focusing on growing your skills in sales, communication, marketing, and your personal and business development is a critical element to thriving in direct sales and the entrepreneurial journey. Investing in furthering these skills will separate you from the thousands of other representatives in your direct selling company. You will learn how to brand yourself, close sales efficiently, foster repeat business, and get over rejection.

Engaging in books, podcasts, magazines, and live training events are just a few key resources that can propel your personal development, helping you to shift your mindset towards success.


Direct sales is a perfect, inexpensive channel to fulfill your extra income goals while pursuing the world of entrepreneurship. The key is to success is being clear on your goals, executing your plan, and never giving up. The person you become during the journey is well worth the ride.

Much success!

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