How to Bounce Back From Failure: Four Steps to Surviving Missed Opportunity

How to Bounce Back From Failure


Everyone is bound to experience failure from time to time. The more you take on, the more likely you are to mess something up. It’s an unfortunate and unavoidable reality.

However, this is no reason to avoid picking up new opportunities and projects, nor is it an excuse to hold yourself back from offering up 100% of yourself each and every time you do your work. In fact, staying open to new experiences and throwing yourself into your work is the very best way to get ahead. It is best to continue grabbing every opportunity you can handle, giving every project your all, and learning to accept and work through failure when it comes your way.

If you have been in business for a while, your first big mistake or missed opportunity has likely come and gone. If you are just getting started, you will likely be hit with a failure at some point out of the blue, and without proper preparation, it will take you by surprise. Whether you have experienced it before or not, failure hurts, and if it is a hard enough hit, it can often leave you feeling down.

For this reason, it is a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for the probable failures in your future, and equip yourself with the information you need to bounce back quickly and continue on your way.

Step 1: Set Goals

This first step is one that should be taken before a mistake ever even rears its head: to set goals. In fact, this is the first thing you should do when setting out on your entrepreneurial journey.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but then, you might be surprised how many people head into business with very vague goals, unrealistic goals, or no goal at all.

Goals are important because they keep you moving forward. They give you a reason to wake up every morning and start your work, and when a failure comes your way—as it inevitably will—they motivate you to jump back in and try again. Without a goal in mind, a mistake can easily leave you feeling too depressed to get up and give it another go. After all, why would you risk another big failure with nothing in particular to gain?

When you set your goals, be sure to make them very specific. It is okay to have big, seemingly impossible goals, but it is also important that you break those huge dreams down into achievable, bite-sized pieces.

In order to do this, take a step back, consider the actual steps you need to take to reach that enormous goal, and make those steps your current goals. This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed by the road ahead, especially when the going gets tough.

Step 2: Take Responsibility

Nobody wants to be responsible for a horrible failure. However, it is important that you take full responsibility for your failures, acknowledge your mistakes, apologize to those who deserve it, and move on. This will keep your name in good standing, and it helps establish yourself as a great person to work with, even when the situation might be less than ideal.

Step 3: Learn From Your Mistakes

In addition to acknowledging and taking responsibility for your mistakes, it is highly important to learn from those mistakes. After all, you wouldn’t want to slip up again in the exact same way and have another, similar failure come up.

In order to ensure you don’t mess up in the same way again, you might want to keep notes on every project you do. In these notes, include such information as what you did that went well, what issues you ran into, what mistakes were made, and how you might do things the next time. Refer back to your notes before you begin any new project, and use them to constantly better your work.

In this way, you can use your failures to your advantage. This helps make such negative-seeming instances feel less like wastes of time and opportunities, and more like the learning experiences they are, providing you with valuable information you can use in the future.

Step 4: Look Ahead

After a big mess-up, it can be tempting to dwell on the failure and what you should have done differently. The bigger the mistake, the more you may want to dwell on the past.

However, this is no way to get ahead, and if it’s success you’re after, you must leave the past in the past and look ahead for new opportunities. Instead of thinking about what you should’ve done in the past, think about what you can do in the future. You never know when a new and exciting opportunity might present itself, and if you’re too busy wallowing in despair over something that can’t bechanged, you could miss out on the chance of a lifetime.

Clearly, bouncing back from failure is not always an easy thing to do. Because we are human, we often let our emotions get the better of us. By remembering and implementing the advice in this article, you can better equip yourself to handle failure when it comes into your life and ensure you are able and ready to bounce back into your career so you don’t miss the next big opportunity.

If you would like to learn more about how to be a successful entrepreneur, please contact us today at Income Bud. We love to hear from budding business people like yourself, and we enjoy helping those like you find a path to success.




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