22 Business Ideas That Can Be Run Entirely Online

Business Ideas That Can Be Run Entirely Online

So, you want to run an online business from your home, but you’re stuck for an idea. After today’s post, you shouldn’t be! At least one of these 22 ideas is bound to be something suitable for you, or at least something you can adapt to your personal circumstances.

1. Instructional Videos

Are you an expert at something people would interested in learning? Make a video series that you monetize either by hosting it on a platform with ads (such as Youtube), or selling directly. If you go the latter route, post some free samples to whet the appetites of potential buyers. Further profits can be made on sponsorships and commissions if you become popular.

2. Marketing Consultant

To summarize it as simply as possible, a marketing consultant helps to grow businesses by improving both their advertising and outreach to new clients and their existing relationships. Those focusing on an online-only presence would naturally address the internet-based needs of their clients.

3. ESL Tutoring

“English as a Second Language” (ESL) tutoring is a huge business, particularly among students from Asian and United Arab Emirates countries. The dominant method of instruction doesn’t require you to know their native language, just to be very demonstrative and be prepared for video chat sessions at potentially odd hours.

4. Private Label Merchandise Sales

This form of re-selling merchandise involves either finding an existing product supplied by a foreign manufacturer that isn’t currently sold in your market, or commissioning a factory to create one for you. You then sell the product under your own brand name. Since the vast majority of sourcing comes from factories in China, you’ll need to know something about import regulations.

5. Retail Arbitrage

This involves scanning products on local store shelves with a special app, comparing them to going prices on major e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay. You’ll also likely spend a lot of time hunting up clearance sales.

6. Sports Handicapping

If you’re very knowledgable about a particular sport and can demonstrate you are capable of picking winners with a consistently high success rate, there’s money to be made in selling your daily and weekly picks on a subscription basis.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products online and getting a commission when you refer traffic or sales. This can bedone by blogging, setting up your own web site or even just through social media accounts. The Amazon affiliate program is a good place to get your feet wet if you’re totally new to the concept, as they accept nearly anyone.

8. Flipping Blogs

The trick to making money as a blogger is to find a niche that isn’t already saturated and dominated with “big name” blogs. Blogs primarily make money by selling advertising, affiliate links and doing sponsored posts. Show that you have a significant following and that you’re making regular revenue, and you can sell blogs for a great deal more than the revenue projections for the next few years.

9. Develop Online Courses

Many platforms have sprung up that simplify the process of creating and selling your own custom course on just about any topic that’s in demand. Some examples are Udemy, Teachable and CourseCraft.

10. Stock Photography

Good at taking photographs of natural settings? You can set up your own stock photo site with watermarked preview images at a lower resolution, or sign up with a site that acts as a middleman like iStock or Shutterstock.

11. Social Media Consulting / Management

Businesses and brands feel pressure to maintain a variety of accounts with popular social media platforms, but they don’t necessarily have in-house people who actually know how to optimally use those platforms. That’s where you come in as a consultant.

12. Analytics Consultant

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics and Kissmetrics, you might consider forming a consulting service aimed at executives and business managers who are not as savvy in marketing and tech stuff. Give them simple, plain-speech summaries of what their analytics mean and what they need to do in terms of KPIs, customer demographics and SEO.

13. Subscription Boxes

Curate a surprise box of goodies arranged for a certain niche and surprise subscribers with it once a month or so — it’s like a gift subscription for themselves! LootCrate is the current giant in this industry, but there’s room for competition as some customers aren’t happy with the quality of the goods they’re getting.

14. Translation Service

Bilingual or trilingual? There’s a great demand for document, audio and video translation between just about every major language, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects demand for professional translators will continue to grow at a high rate.

15. Custom WordPress Template / Theme Creation

About 19% of the web uses WordPress as their site backbone. Many people choose it because it’s a simple out-of-the-box solution and they don’t want to learn much HTML. But that also leaves them in need of WordPress themes and templates when they want to customize or refresh their look.

16. Travel Agent

It’s possible to either work for a travel agency or run one out of your home. Most people specialize in one particular type of clientele (such as business travelers or high-end vacations to a particular country) and gain initial experience by working with a host agency.

17. Debt And Credit Counselling

If you have experience as an accountant or in the consumer credit industry, you can go into business remotely by helping to create personalized debt relief plans.

18. Remote IT Support

A combination of VoIP and remote desktop viewing software allows people with the right technical skills to expand the old standby business of fixing neighborhood computers to the online space.

19. Website Design

Good at one component of web site creation, but not so much at others? It’s easier than ever to hire freelancers for different elements of website creation, from graphics to written content to scripting.

20. Flipping Websites

This concept is somewhat similar to flipping blogs, but there’s greater flexibility in design with a proper website of your own. You can come up with concepts that don’t require regular written updates but still draw consistent traffic.

21. Streaming Video Games and “Let’s Play” Videos

Surprisingly, it turns out there is a gigantic market of people who just want to watch other people play through video games. Youtube userPewDiePie is the site’s highest-grossing earner in terms of advertising revenue, and all he really does is play through games while cracking jokes and screaming at the scary parts.

22. Employment Service

There are many different ways to act as a broker between those offering and those seeking employment. You can specialize in a local service while still conducting all of your business online and over the phone.

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